360° Spherical Aerial Panorama PhotographyView Panorama Samples Below

Currently we are the only aerial photo company in Arizona to offer helicopter aerial 360° Full Spherical Panorama imagery.  We have designed our own camera mounting system that attaches to our helicopters and allows the camera to rotate 360° in the pan axis.  This combined with using a special wide angle lens on our Nikon D40X & D300 cameras allows us to capture and entire sphere with a series of about 8 photos.

Panorama Photos

After the shoot we bring the photos back to our studio and use software to “stitch” and blend the photos into one continuous image that can then be texture mapped onto a simulated sphere in QuickTime or Flash for display on your website.  The finished files are viewed with QuickTime or Flash and allow the viewer to interactively look at any angle… up or down. We can also convert the panoramas into 720p or 1080p hi-definition video clips.

Stitched Panorama

This new application is perfect for developers of high rise condominiums to “see” what the view will be from a specific balcony even before the they break ground.  It is also great for real estate agents representing luxury properties.  Multiple aerial panoramics can be shot on a large luxury lot to show in great detail what the property looks like.

Golf Clubs also see the benefit to this type of imagery.  Shooting a full spherical panoramic over the tee and hole and placing the panoramics on their websites are a great new way to show off the courses.

Law Enforcement Agencies find this type of aerial photography of great benefit to Crime Scene Investigation of major auto accidents. The ability to document the entire scene from above and view it at a later time from any angle is priceless.

We've seen quite an increase in demand for Spherical Aerial Panoramas from owners and real estate agents of luxury homes. Often times standard aerial photography fails to capture the essence of multi-million dollar estates.

Check out some of our samples below!

44 Monroe from 32nd Floor
44 Monroe
Hayden Ferry Lakeside
Hayden Ferry Lakeside
Gainey Ranch Golf Club
Gainey Ranch Golf Club
Onyx Tower 26th Floor View
Onyx Tower - Tempe Town Lake
Onyx Tower 19th Floor View
Onyx Tower - 19th Floor View
Paradise Valley Home
Paradise Valley Residence
Cessna Citation 560XL Cockpit
Cessna Citation Cockpit
Cessna Citation 560XL Cabin
Cessna Citation Cabin
DC Ranch Home
Scottsdale Home
Hayden Ferry Lakeside Condos
Hayden Ferry Lakeside - Tempe Town Lake
Sedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ -Aerial Photography
Round Mountain Ranch - 1
Round Mountain Ranch - 2
Round Mountain Ranch - 3
Mesa Riverview Shopping Center
Mesa Riverview
US60 & Loop 202 Interchange
US-60 & Loop 202 interchange
Paradise Valley, AZ
Picketpost Mountain
Picketpost Mountain - Superior, AZ
Pinetop, AZ
Pinetop, AZ
Santan Honda Superstore
Santan Honda Superstore
University of Phoenix Stadium
University of Phoenix Stadium Panorama
US Airways Center - Phoenix
US Airways Center
Wells Fargo - Downtown Phoenix
Wells Fargo - Downtown Phoenix