Aerial Panoramas for Google Earth™

AZ ChopperCam can now create 360° Aerial Panorama Photography to be viewed in Google Earth™. We save the panoramas in the Google Earth™ .kml file format. You must have Google Earth™ version 4.3 to view them properly. If you do not have Google Earth™ 4.3 you can download it here.

The aerial panoramas are similar to Google Earth™ "Street View" but differ in that our aerial panoramas are taken from 300-500' above ground level. We place them in Google Earth™ accurately so they align with Google Earth™ Street View photo icons and roads. They reveal more coverage than "Street View" panoramas and are of higher resolution and of course they can be panned, tilted, and zoomed to any angle you desire!

Unlike traditional 3D viewing in Google Earth™ which does not allow you to see the sides of objects in an oblique perspective, our aerial panoramas reveal the detail of any objects from an oblique angle as if you were sitting in a helicopter at low level. Similar to a view that a law enforcement helicopter might obtain while patrolling over the city.

You might ask yourself how we capture these panorama photos. We designed and built our own custom camera mount that is carried aloft by either an unmanned helicopter or a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter.

Our goal is to photograph the entire Phoenix metro area over all major roads in 1 mile increments. A daunting and time consuming task, but revolutionary in the aerial photo industry for sure!

Currently we're in the testing phases of the project, but we have assembled a collection of 360° aerial panoramas that are viewable in Google Earth™.

Click any of the links below to view the samples. For a more exciting experience please turn on the "Street View" layer in Google Earth™. This allows you to navigate to Street View panoramas from our aerial panoramas.

Feel free to contact us and let us know what you think!


Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix

East Mesa

Mountain Vista Medical Center
Tempe Town Lake

Mesa Riverview